Everyday Reflections: Are they necessary?

Image by nini kvaratskhelia from Pixabay

Majority of our everyday routine seems to be repetitive. Is reflecting on what we are doing everyday really all that helpful when the routine seems to always be the same all the time? Also, what should we be reflecting if we are really doing so?

In most learning models, reflection is the key to memory retention and continuous improvement. Moments to stop and think about what we have done can be very helpful. Why so? At the moment of action, our focus tend to be at the task at hand (be it work, study, relationships). We miss out some details or opportunities while being too focus on the set of variables to “succeed” or, I say, complete the task. That’s why, having down moments after to think about what and how the task was being done can bring about new perspectives. Those can be important for improving the way to approach the tasks the next time round.

However, since this is such an important step in learning, why wasn’t it explicitly mentioned in classes? It’s rather built in subtly by having student completing their “homework” after learning the main concepts. Book reviews after reading. And downtime after each music lessons. Maybe there could be this thought, “would students reflect if they were just told explicitly the importance of reflection?”. That doesn’t seem to be a lucrative option. “Why not just build it into the curriculum as mandatory to strength the students’ memory of what they have learnt?” So then what if they stop and not do their homework? Then, I guess reinforcement learning applies (where rewards and punishments could be used, similar to the law system). That’s how they will be prepared to work for the society, economy and country.

Sounds grim. Yet, seems necessary.

Is this correct? Is the design right? Is there any improvement that could be made? Are there too much opportunities missed in the progress? Would the “normal people” with limited access information get any proper or close to factual insights of the current effectiveness of the system?

As we reflect, we tend to be lost in the maze of endless questions that we may not have the answers to. Unfortunately, I am just not smart and resourceful enough to find and obtain the answers. So is reflection still necessary?

My answer for now is “Yes” for it’s the way for me to see how much I lack and practically assess my limit and be reminded of them. Overstepping limits tend to have high price which is overbearing and suffocating given my circumstances. Only when you know your limits then you are inspired to try and overcome them.




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