[Far East Gadget] Amazing Keyboard Black Out Stickers for Macbook

I first became aware of the blackout sticker after chancing upon the YouTube video on Tobalog channel. He used the blackout sticker on the iPad Pro keyboard with a Japanese layout. I remember being amazed at how clean and minimal the keyboard looked after the stickers were pasted. However, I had never thought of buying the sticker for myself as I was using an old Macbook Pro 2015 and iPad Pro 2016 which I had never felt the need to upgrade. As such my keyboards are all quite beaten, it is just not worth the purchase.

However, I recently had upgraded to the new Macbook Pro 2020. My previous Macbook Pro keyboard suffered from the the oil deposits resulting the keys to shine (particular the spacebar) after using them for some time. I recalled coming across the blackout stickers and was set on trying them. So, I went ahead with the purchase on Far East Gadget website and have it shipped to me at the total cost of around USD $17 (inclusive of shipping).

I received the blackout stickers after two weeks due to the delays in shipment due to COVID-19. I spent some time in the evening after work to paste them on the keyboard of my Macbook Pro once I received them in the mail. I had to clean my keyboard using wet wipes and a dry cloth. There was no cleaning kit provided with the blackout stickers. It is recommended to use a clipper to paste the stickers. However, I don’t have that so I use just my hands to stick them on. To me, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Since then, I have been using the keyboard with blackout stickers on for over three week now. I really like the look of the my keyboard. Being a touch typist, I have no issue in typing with the blackout stickers. Furthermore, I am glad to be able to protect my keyboard from the oil deposits using the stickers so that my laptop would remain in mint condition for a longer period of time.

Do I recommend the Blackout Stickers?

The answer is a huge “YES” if you are like me:

  • Able to touch type on your keyboard. Touch-typing means you do not need to refer to the letters on the keyboard while typing.
  • Doesn’t need the backlighting of the keyboard as the blackout stickers will block the backlight.
  • Prefers a clean look on your keyboard.



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