Folk Theorem and Internet

Image credits: Pixabay

So, how does folk theorem come into play here?

The basic idea of folk theorem is a phenomenon where individuals stick to certain social norms (or shared values) there are accepted by the society in fear of being excluded or punished by the society from deviating from these norms. It’s usually self-enforced by the individuals of the society. These social norms usually are in place to promote certain desired behaviours of all individuals within the society as deviations from the social norms are usually seen as “costs” or “problems” by members of their society.

  • Context of the incident (details of what happened before and after or even entities related to the incident that were not captured in the uploaded content)
  • Social and cultural norms and beliefs and its historical origins
  • Background of the individuals/organisations
  • Conditions of the individuals/organisations at the time of the incident
  • Reasonableness of the actions given the trigger
  • Perceived threats during the time of the incident
  • and more…



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