Why do some choose to write with fountain pen?

It seems pretty rare to find or even spot someone writing in a fountain pen in schools or offices nowadays. Fountain pens used to be used commonly in the 18th century. Yet, in the chase to increase productivity and efficiency, most of use have switched to ballpoint or rollerball pens instead. They are tend to be disposable and efficient to use. Yet, there are still some of us who still continue with the use of fountain pen. The reasons could be as follows.

1. Greater control over the writing style

The core of a fountain pen is the nib, which comes in different sizes and materials. Some more flexible than others. The construction of the nib is such that the ink flow is sensitive to the amount of force used for the writing. The more force you use, the thicker lines you will get. As such, there are people who loves using fountain pen for signing because the signature would tend to have a unique look depending on the strength of each strokes and the size of the fountain pen nib. In addition to being unique, it’s also difficult to replicate if you have a highly customised fountain pen.

2. Novelty

It’s rather difficult to find someone using fountain pen. As such, some might make a conscious choice to select something more unique and original (especially stationery lovers) as their writing tool. Perhaps, some just wanted to give fountain pen a try as they have not write them to write before. Either a unique or new writing experience for those who are curious or interested.

3. Intended for long-term (environmental-friendly) use

Fountain pen, especially those high end, can be made by durable materials (e.g., metal) that could endure the test of time. If you intend to select a pen which you can use and keep for long period of time (perhaps as a momento), a fountain pen is well-suited for that purpose. The replaceable nib means you could switch the nib out when it becomes too battered for writing, and the cartridges as well. This reduces the waste in the long term as the nib is made of metal which is recyclable. Reusable cartridges are also available for fountain pen which you can use to refill the ink as opposed to disposable ink cartridges.

4. Wide range of ink selection

There are a wide range of different colour bottled inks to choose from. Most ballpoint and rollerball pens have limited ink selection depending on the maker. However, when you using fountain pen, you are typically spoilt for choice when selecting the type of ink and colour for your pen. This can further add to the uniqueness of your writing.

5. Writing experience

The experience of writing with a fountain pen is very different. There is a certain grip to abide to and a sweet angle where the ink flow is the smoothest. Some may like it while others may not. Before spending too much on a fountain pen, it would make sense to go down personally to the stationery shop to test the pen out before buying. However, do note that not all stationery shop would have such an offer.

That said, it’s certainly not for everyone. But I must say that it’s worth a try.



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